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Palpate-roll and relaxing Massages

palper rouler

Relaxing and Sports Massages

  • Tina Anglio proposes different kind of massages for relaxation or recovery after exercise, including an energetic method which restores the circulation of energies and vital force, and boosts the dynamics of your body.

    - Benefit: a real boost, ameliorate the well-being, effective on fatigue, stress, anxiety.
    - Frequency: ideally in a cure of 10 sessions of 40 min, 1 or 2 sessions per week.
    - Price: the 1rst massage: 50€, the following ones only in a cure or with your coaching package (ask us for more information).

palper rouler

Manual Palpate-roll massage

  • It is the most efficient massage against cellulite. It consists in rolling and massaging the skin in order to drain cellulites’ saturated tissues. This technique helps eliminate toxins, release muscle tensions, limit water retention, and most of all reduce fat deposits and smooth lumpy skin.
    Made by an well-experienced practitioner, the manual palpate-roll massage is the key massage for slimming, remodelling the body shape and toning up the skin, of the body as the face.
    NB. These are dynamic and tonic movements that may be slightly painful according to the massaged parts.

    - 20 min massages - soft, medium or strong - body or face
    - Price: the 1rst massage: 60€, the following ones only in a cure or with your coaching package (ask us for more information).

Massages are great gifts! For more Information call +33 (0)4 93 74 05 46 or file the Contact form click HERE
NB. The « massages » we are proposing are neither medical nor physiotherapy treatments, but rather relaxation techniques and wellness care. Conformément à la loi du 30 avril 1946, au décret n°60665 du 4 juillet 1960, à l'article L489 du Code de la Santé Publique et au décret n°96-879 du 8 octobre 1996.


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