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Nutritional wellness counselling

Everybody’s got different nutritional needs.

According to our morphology, age, sex and way of life, each of us needs a different quantity of energy, vitamins and minerals supply. Children, teenagers, seniors, young mothers, sportsmen and women: the food needs are not the same for all.

A well-balanced Diet, plus Sports practice, plus adapted nutritional Supplements: this is the perfect program to keep you fit and healthy, “straight on your toes”!

Get away from prejudices and commonplaces which influence for too long your diet bad habits. You are not obliged to starve, and even some snacking is permitted, such as diet or protein bars, fruits, dairies...

Now is the time for a personalized dietary program: Tina’s private Coaching will make you feel healthy, relaxed and fit.

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At Sporty Energy Shop, we’ll propose you an effective nutrition plan with a personalized follow-up. This plan takes into account your physiology, your health (medical treatment, surgery, anaemia, diabetes... are carefully considered), your lifestyle (job, family, travels...), and your food tastes.



The « Sporty Method » begins with a specific « Profile Quiz » (fat percentage / body measurements) and a detailed health questionnaire.

This personal assessment enables us to underline food lacks and unwelcome food habits and to adapt your nutrition plan, and to propose you healthy lifestyle options:
• Choice and quantity of food you should eat
• Choice and quantity of necessary drink
• When to eat in the daytime
• Posology for nutritional supplements

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Young Mothers – before and after baby birth

Pregnancy is surely not a pathology. But yet, the changes in the mother body may be uneasy or even painful, and require new way of life according to her new needs: food, drink, physical activities, sleep, etc...

Before the baby comes, and according to your doctor’s instructions, Tina will advise you how to maintain and adapt your Sports practice and physical activity, control your weight gain and maintain your energy.
After the childbirth, the aim is to help you remodel a trim and tonic figure, lose weight if needed, and sustain your physical and mental balance.


Do not hesitate to call us for any information from the beginning of the pregnancy!



Sporty Energy Shop

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